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Blue Moon Breather

Sometimes winter coming on takes us into the quiet folds of mindspirit. When the world is on fire, winter kindly banishes us to its icy reflection. Its good to step into the folds of her hushed moan,to let her carry us away to her blue moon. To lead us away from whatever we think we ought to be doing towards something deeper. Winter is the deepest season.

blue moon

So, I’ve been away. Courting the great mystery. And you my fellow healers? Did you also step into the trance of transformation stamping itself on us? Something is afoot. A bifurcation point. I’ve decided to make my first “return” post something to get your circulation going. If it doesn’t give you a helpful jolt, do make up a batch of ginger syrup…a dependable winter ally…now then, on to the frisky stuff…

In November I wrote a novel (first draft), in December I reflected, studied and prepared for winter weather. Of particular interest, I dug into the history of European herbalism/shamanism/mysticism. I knew the use of entheogens was widespread among ancient Greeks, Romans and other European cultures but it turns out they were downright common. They played a major role in winter rituals – here’s a shock, there’s a close association between the Christmas tree and psychedelic mushrooms…even indications of their use among early Christians!!! Those of you with an open minded curiosity about what was going on back then will find the podcasts at Gnostic Media eye opening, click here.

The following was an especially juicy find, perfect timing – right before Christmas/Winter Solstice:

From the Introduction of The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece:

Were holy women of ancient Greece once engaged in attempting to conceive children miraculously? . . . . [S]hards of a Greek history seeming to link women and divine birth have continuously presented themselves to me, glinting through obscure passages in ancient texts and in the prose of unsuspecting contemporary scholars. I have collected these pieces, and in this book I have assembled them. The result is a vessel that may still have many missing parts, but one that begins to reveal an integral form and shape, nonetheless.

flower-borders-22 Rigoglioso makes a convincing case that priestesses had acquired a kind of siddhi enabling successful parthenogenesis (virgin birth). these children were awarded the highest status, considered to be demi-gods and kings.  The oracles were another branch of the same tradition, as were the women healers known as “wise women”. You can find out more at her website here.

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