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New School of Herbalism

The last few months all of my “herbal attention” has been going to the development of a new school of herbalism called The Herbal Coaching Community. Its rather different in that along with providing a complete educational program, it’s played as a “serious game” to facilitate learning.  Its a lot of fun for me because  it combines four of my top interests; community building, plant medicine, alternative currency/economies, and serious games.

While its been very intensive work organizing the learning modules… its been a real challenge learning all of the web technology required and there are still a few things that have me puzzled…like Camptasia Studio playing nice with a Flip camera.

It also means dividing up herb related posts between this blog and the HCC blog. I’ve decided to keep this one oriented around personal interests and the other around community interests, including the workshops, events and anything related to our educational mission.

HCC launched last week with a full Beta team membership. Its pretty exciting putting this vision to the test. I have to thank the folks who run our learning platform on Curatr for all their help. And a benefactor who recently appeared, Laurie Domsch, a psychologist out of Missouri for providing some scholarships and software and supporting this project so mightily.

If you don’t yet know about it, please take a look at the blog (here) and the website (here) and I hope you’ll join us!


Springing into Summer with Lots of “Big” News

Well, its been a little quiet here since my last post on Sage because I’ve been in overdrive on an exciting creative project called The Herbal Coaching Community.  Over the years, folks have traveled from other states to attend my workshops and the suggestion has often come up that I do something online like webinars so they could continue to learn from home.  It happens that I, like so many others, was struck over the head by Jane McGonigal’s revelations on how “serious games” were the way forward…not only for learning, but for taking the giant steps needed to change the world into a “life friendly” place to live.

How to create a “serious game” to facilitate learning about botanical medicine and give the world the gift of many more good herbalists dominated my thinking until the whole vision bloomed. When I shared it with my pals at the Arco Iris Earth Care Project they thought it was perfect for their non-profit’s educational mission. Everything tumbled into place, finding a new innovative learning platform called Curatr that has the necessary structure for a serious game (they,too, were influenced by McGonigal), discovering other great learning tools online completed the picture.

So, within the next few weeks the Herbal Coaching Community launches its blended learning game. You can find out more about it here.”

Next “Big News”, herbalist Rosalee de la Forȇt did an outstanding job of compiling a mega-blogroll on her site and included Granny Woman Ozark Herbs. Many thanks Rosalee. Take a look at Methow Valley Herb’s Blogroll.

And last but not least, Kent Bonar and I are giving workshop in Yellville next weekend on Edible plants and First Aid. Pamela Simmons of Radiant Wellness is hosting the event. I’ll fill you in on our adventure, including our hunt for wild chaga in my next post.