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Helpful Doctors

Some of our medical doctors are truly looking our for our welfare. Many of you are already familiar with these two…Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Mercola. After reading Dr. Carey’s revelations about the H1N1 pandemic (previous post), the question may be “what if I’m forced to take this vaccine”? Blaylock and Mercola address this situation here (along with additional information about H1N1 and vaccines in general).

Sasha Daucus wrote asking, “What would grandmother do?” We began exploring together what the phrase “grandmother”, especially in relation to the healing “granny woman”, means to us. This is an interesting question for all of us. What does it mean to you? Would you leave an answer in the comment section?

Under our category for Granny Woman we’ll be further defining our vision of a Granny Woman Revival. Sasha is writing an intriguing article about the Grandmothers of Dauphin Island. I’m eager to read about these Ozark healers, I’d not yet heard of them!

This week is taken up preparing for a workshop at Earth Offering on making plant medicines. The workshop runs Friday through Sunday. I won’t be posting much until after the workshop. Next week I’ll be researching  to learn how to include a forum to our weblog and how to open it up for other writers. I’ll also add what I hope to be finishing touches for preparing everyone to set H1N1 aside as a major concern.

I’ve a friend here who works as a caretaker. She’s on multiple extra shifts because the rest of the staff is out with the flu (unknown yet which variety). A couple days ago she started feeling ill, even though she’s been taking a lot of garlic. Her next steps were to include Echinacea, deep breathing exercises, a tincture blend of Elder Flower, Usnea and Honeysuckle and bed rest. So far, it appears she’s overcome the initial onslaught and never got very ill.

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