Ozark Herbal Academy

The Ozark Herbal Academy invites you to experience the rewards of “do it yourself” natural health —

Join the Grannywoman/Root Doctor Revival!

We also offer classes locally in Arkansas.

We believe that herbalism is a community art and that a community is vital if we are to co-create true wealth for each other and ourselves. Wealth begins with health, then with meeting our necessary needs, and then we’re free to soar on towards our missions’ bounty.

Our educational program is designed to accommodate different learning styles and goals. Free-range learning lets you study according to your interests, whenever time permits. A learning community offers support all along the way.

These days few of us have the money to meet our needs, including enrolling in an herbal school. Because the world needs more herbalists (an herbalist in every home!), we’ve created an alternative economy based on our own currency, the Sepal. You don’t need to enroll in the school to join our Exchange and begin trading directly for what you need. Some of our courses can be acquired with Sepals, or partially with Sepals so you can keep your cash in your pocket.

To learn more visit our website: www.ozarkherbalacademy.org

  1. What do you recommend to deter ticks, black flies and skeeters?
    Also, what do you put on a bite to get relief?

    • Hi Barbara, I’ll be covering some of this at the first aid workshop I’m giving in Little Rock, July 18.
      Do you know how to make your own herbal insect repellent sprays? Using 1/2 witch hazel and 1/2 water in a glass spray bottle add about 30 drops of mixed essential oils to an 8 oz solution. You can make it stronger if you wish. There’s no emulsifier so you’ll have to shake it before use and spray every half hour. For ticks, use Amyris and geranium essential oil along with lemon eucalyptus. You can find products that work well online of course, such as Terminix® ALLCLEAR® Sidekick Mosquito Repeller (which is an all-natural mixture of cinnamon, eugenol, geranium, peppermint, and lemongrass oils) was nearly tied as the most effective mosquito repellant with OFF!® (which is loaded with toxic chemicals like DEET). I always use catnip essential oil along with an assortment of other EOs like lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, citronella for mosquitoes. As for the black flies, not sure if you mean plain old house flies and deter them from what? Biting or just hanging around? There’s a recipe I like for bug balm located here: http://www.thegoodsurvivalist.com/heres-a-fantastic-diy-non-toxic-bug-repellent-recipe-with-coconut-oil/
      As for relief, what I do is make a chickweed/peppermint oil ointment, works like a charm. When chickweed isn’t around and I don’t have my ointment, I’ll use peppermint EO neat (directly on the bite) but make sure you aren’t sensitive before apply any EO directly to skin, if you are you can dilute it but make it as strong as you can bear. You can also apply a fresh plantain poultice (or even just a spit poultice of plantain) over the area and wrap to keep it on for awhile. Oatmeal baths help as well. And I always keep a body brush around for dry brushing when the urge to scratch gets the better of me (the gentle brushing won’t injure skin but will give relief)…those are a few great ways to deal with the critters.
      Btw, I’m going to be tardy with all things internet related, our internet is down, the satellite company is supposed to be sending someone out to find out why…I may only be able to get to town once or twice a week to log on…so if you write back please be patient…I’ll do my best to stay in touch. Blessings, D’Coda

  2. Where can I find info. on when your next classes will be held? Thanks!

    • Jenna, email me at ozarkherbalacademy@gmail.com . The new schedule is in the works and I’ll send it to you. Our website is under construction and it will be there as well when it’s up. You can also check our Facebook page, Ozark Herbal Academy. The next class is Tuesday, Jan 9 from 4-6. Email me for more info.

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