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A Call for Healers as Medical System Self-Destructs

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As the vaccination program for H1N1 gets underway, its easy to assume to much. I’ve caught myself assuming that readers here are fully informed already regarding the true nature of the “pandemic” H1N1 flu and the true nature of the vaccination program since internet is filled to bursting with revelations coming from within the medical community itself. How could anyone on the web miss stumbling across the facts of our current situation?

Medical personnel are in revolt against taking the vaccine themselves. Sure, some will take it to keep their jobs. Others will be fired. A few are brainwashed believers . A very likely reduction in medical personnel just as hospitals overflow with sick people fearing the worst. And as we shall see, the vaccination program is likely to produce the very thing it supposedly prevents.

That’s the bad news. The good news? Healers can emerge from the shadows. Foundations of true health will begin to receive increased recognition. This is the perfect time for a Granny Woman revival?

Rather than assume you already know everything about the situation, I’ll post a few of the more informative websites, videos, etc. here. I’ll be adding to it over the next few days so keep checking back. Please use the comments section to tell us what you are doing. Have you run across additional “new” information?

For starters,I recommend Dr. Carley’s website

Here’s part three of her excellent video series (in 15 parts)

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