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Old Time Seed Swapping in Arkansas –Schedule


In collaboration with Conserving Arkansas’ Agricultural Heritage, we’re holding our yearly seed swaps in several locations for the first time! In past years we’ve had a great turnout at the Ozark Folk Center, but its a long drive for many of us.

Dr. Brian Campbell out of the University at Conway, an agricultural anthropologist, has done an excellent job of locating sources for old-time cultivars going back generations here in Arkansas. Some of the farmers and gardeners who have this seed show up at these seed swaps as well.

If you want to help us conserve these valuable plants (including herbs), please consider attending and taking some seed home to grow, save, and offer at the next swap.

I’m working with the Newton County Public Library, Nan Johnson and a circle of dedicated gardeners to bring the swap to Jasper on March 6, check back on the time. For now it seems to be 12:00 until 3:00. We’ll begin with a short presentation on some of the essentials for seed saving. At  the end we’ll have a master composting workshop with Nan Johnson for whomever wants to attend.

Here’s the  press release sent out by CAAH which includes the schedule for all of the Arkansas seed swaps:

Spring is just around the corner and so are our seed swaps!  In
addition to the 3rd Annual Ozark Seed Swap at the Ozark Folk Center
State Park and the 2nd Annual Faulkner County Seed Swap at the Faulkner County Library, CAAH! has collaborated with organizations all over the state to establish new Seed Swaps in five additional communities: El Dorado, Fayetteville, Jasper, Russellville, and Searcy.  Arkansas farmers and gardeners have a legacy of heirloom seeds that are in danger of being lost, and the sharing of these heirloom seeds will encourage their production for posterity. Last year’s swaps were a huge success with hundreds of gardeners in attendance and a remarkable number of heirloom varieties exchanging hands. We invite you to bring some seeds and stories to swap with other Ozark seed savers and yarn spinners.  If you do not have any seeds to swap but want to get started, attend a swap or two and mingle with gardeners and farmers who can help; if you would like, you may bring envelopes, plant cuttings or garden implements to share… We can conserve the heritage of Arkansas while we share good stories, beautify our yards, and of course, get free seeds.  No charge  for admission.

Seed Swaps will be held at the following locations and times:

Mountain View
February 13th 12-3pm
Ozark Folk Center, Administration Building 1032 Park Ave Mountain
View, AR 72560
Contact:  Tina Marie Wilcox
February 14th  1:30-4:45
Fayetteville Public Library  401 W. Mountain St., Fayetteville
AR 72701
Contact:  Katy Deaton
El Dorado
February 20th 1-4 pm
Barton (El Dorado) Public Library 200 East 5th St., El Dorado
Contact: Nancy Arn 870-863-5447
February 27th 10 am-1pm
ASU- Beebe, Farms Classrooms 1000 West Iowa St., Beebe AR
Contact:  Sherri Sanders 501-268-5394

March 6th 12am -3pm
Newton County Library, Community Room  Jasper, AR 72641
Contact: D’Coda Jennifer 870-446-2983

March 13th 1pm-4pm
Faulkner County Library 1900 Tyler St., Conway AR 72032
Contact: Amy Campbell 706-248-2597
March 27th 10 am-1 pm
Pope County Fair Grounds, Old Entertainment Building
1602 SR 124 Russellville AR 72802
Contact: Crystal Bowne 479-567-5707

For more information about Conserving Arkansas Agricultural Heritage see

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We Are the Weeds to Repair the World Soil

Many of us are already turning our minds toward spring, ordering seeds, repairing garden structures. Many of us also feel some concerns about the unpredictable weather we’ve had and wonder how to plan our gardens for 2010. I’ve had Siberian tomatoes in storage. My “just in case” tomatoes.

Inspiration miraculously gathers around gardeners in their pre-spring reflections. Here is a beautiful video by Geoff Lawton about what’s possible for us to do in our work with the land. What we MUST do. Its guaranteed to feed your soul for spring.

I found this video thanks to @octohorse on Twitter (just joined yesterday and am busy harvesting).

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