Baños y Limpias (Flower Baths) Instruction at

Join us on August 17, Sunday,  for instruction on Native American spiritual cleansing. You will not only learn this ancient technique but will benefit by participating in the ceremony.  Baños y Limpias – a practice that Aguila has performed for many years, is a technique that you can begin to use right away…take the Flower Bath home to share with loved ones!

Baños y Limpias

Aguila and Marika giving instruction on Baños y Limpias at Herbalismo

Aguila describes it this way:

Baños and Limpias have been used for thousands of years all over the world by indigenous cultures. Their purpose is to return the soul back into the body of a person that has been traumatized. In the beginning Baños (Spiritual Bath) and Limpias (Spiritual Cleanse) were a common place practice that all mothers were taught to how to do for their babies and children. In severe cases of an adult or a child that had been severely hurt, frightened or suffered a loss, such as a family member death – the village healer or shaman was summoned.

Today we are remembering and re-learning how to truly care for our bodies with healthy diets, the importance of clean air, cleanliness, healthy physical activity, natural medicine and herbs. We are remembering how vital it is to care for our spirits and minds with meditation, music, spending time in nature and protecting our environment; protecting our original sacred laws and spiritual practices.

In some places our original natural healing and spiritual practices have been suppressed for thousands of years, yet here on North American (although they were hidden for the sake of protection) they have been preserved and carried on in secret ceremonies by native indigenous healers, curanderas and shamans.

Only a few years back, the spiritual keepers from North and South America announced that the prophesied time to reveal these sacred laws and teachings of healing to the public. Humanity had arrived at a cross road and those ready to walk in balance and beauty will choose to go up the path of accelerated spiritual evolution. In order to evolve spiritually we must make healthier choices; such as choosing more natural and sustainable lifestyles.
We must remember or relearn to do spiritual healing on our spiritual bodies which have sustained trauma after trauma over our lifetime. Baños, espiritules, are a form of Limpia that will help us integrate these traumas that are encoded on our microfiche so we may stop the cycle of violence we were born into.

Please bring sack lunch and snacks. Cost of Workshop $50
It is with the intention of healing


10:00 AM: Meet outside of Round House for a short tour of Teopan ceremonial grounds and brief herstory of Rancho Arco Iris.

10:30 Meet in Round House for opening fire ceremony
Introduction: DC: Aguila and group

11AM – 12Noon: Why learn to do a Baño/Limpia?
What is a Baños/Limpia?
The Four Elements of a Bano.

12 – 1 PM: Lunch

1PM-2PM: Introduction to:
Gathering our Medicine and Gathering our Power

2 -4PM: Bano demonstration
Individual Banos
Feedback and Questions

Location: Rancho Arco Iris, Boxley, Arkansas

Registration required, leave message at 870-861-5080 and we’ll call you back with details.


About dcoda

An herbalist for over 40 years, ten years spent alone in the Ozark Hurricane Creek Wilderness Preserve, working with its brilliant botanicals. I'm an instructor and co-founder of the Ozark Herbal Academy which offers training in medicinal and edible plants through hands-on workshops and online courses.

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  1. Just wanted to ask if this class would be repeated. I am studying Cuarandera tradition and would very much like to take this class. Please let me know. Becky Long Cabool, Missouri 417 – 254 – 0568

    • Hi Becky, we hadn’t planned on another banos this year, but if enough folks express an interest we could arrange another class. I’ve saved your contact info to get back with you.

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