Overcoming Radiation Pt 1

This spring’s gardening and herbal workshops are overshadowed by radiation streaming out of Japan. Overshadowed by the callous disregard for life demonstrated by governments and corporations telling us its not harmful, hiding the facts not only from us, but each other!! The EPA’s clever side-step…just increase the “safe level” of radioisotopes several thousand times (see here). Its got to be “safe” so long as we aren’t immediately keeling over on exposure, right?  Is that all they can do? Obfuscate, cover-up? I just watched a lecture by a chemical geologist who explained that the EPA was created by the military and nuclear industry to protect – not the environment – but the nuclear industry! Finally, the odd behavior of the EPA makes sense! (There’s a link to the video below, its a ‘must watch’ to understand what we’re up against regarding the Fukushima event)

Thankfully, “the people” are going into action. Many are setting up independent monitoring networks, others are providing expert, credentialed, analysis. And we have scientists, physicians, health care workers informing us as to how to overcome exposure to the various isotopes that threaten our well-being.

Ever since the March 11 quake in Japan, I’ve been reporting the developments of Fukushima’s multiple nuclear meltdowns-in-progress on my blogs at www.dcoda.amplify.com and www.ozarkherbs.tumblr.com. I’ll continue to track the story there, and offer my research into the health aspects here. Below, you’ll find some links on radiation & health concerns.


The big question on everyone’s mind is just how exposed they are, has the radiation reached them and to what degree. I’ve spent countless hours researching to get answers to this question in order to give you accurate information and avoid alarming folks for no good reason. What I’m personally finding alarming is that NO one really knows what’s going on!! We have computer models telling us that the plumes are reaching us, estimating the types of radiation they contain but actual measurements are withheld. Independent testing of foods by the Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, U.C. Berkley, in California, showed the presence of radionuclides on foods such as spinach,mushrooms,strawberries (see here). But there’s little in the way of a follow up or wider testing.  Closer to home, on April 10 we learned that Little Rock, Arkansas tested out with the nation’s highest levels of iodine-131 in milk, some 300% over the EPA’s limit (see here). So we know its in our food and water, but testing and reporting is sporadic at best. Since radiation continues to spew out of the reactors, since is accumulates, we know we’re exposed enough to take precautions.

The first question I get is, “Should I be taking potassium iodide?” Given that iodine intake has dropped 50% in the U.S. since the 1970s, most Americans have hungry thyroids that will snap it up in whatever form comes along. When the thyroid is full of iodine, it won’t absorb more of it, that’s why potassium iodide is used to block the radioactive iodine-131. But it takes some time to fill the thyroid up with healthy iodine , that’s why the fast-acting pharmaceutical forms, potassium iodide and p. iodate, are handed out a.s.a.p. to everyone in range of a nuclear accident. But these forms can have some toxic side-effects and cannot be taken long-term. Its a little late now for potassium iodide anyway. Better to start ingesting safer, bioavailable iodine in the hope we can block additional absorption of iodine-131. Some forms, like atomic Nascent iodine also help clear out the bad stuff once its in our glands.

Seaweed is recommended but I’m not comfortable with that option now that the ocean has become the dumping ground for Fukushima’s radioactive water…how can we know where the seaweed is coming from and when it was harvested? If we can get “older” seaweed, then yes, let’s add it to our diet.

Two of the nation’s leading experts on iodine are Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. David Brownstein. Dr. Brownstein has tested 5000 patients for iodine, 95% were deficient. They are the “go-to” guys for finding out about iodine supplementation.

Another doctor, Dr. Michael B. Schachter, says, “The treatment dose when a person is iodine insufficient is generally between 12.5 mg and 50 mg daily. Preliminary research indicates that if a person is iodine insufficient, it takes about three months to become iodine sufficient while ingesting a dosage of 50 mg of iodine daily and a year to achieve that while ingesting a dosage of 12.5 mg of iodine daily.

Since there can be side effects to high doses, and some cautions for folks who already have thyroid problems, its important to read up on this before taking these high doses. Sircus’ website covers it well.

Watch the video discussion between Sircus & Brownstein, then read Dr. Sircus’ iodine information here  (the video is also located on this site). Regarding Nascent Iodine, Dr. Sircus writes:

Nascent iodine, though more expensive, actually tastes and feels good while going down and is gentle enough to give to children, who do not seem to complain about its taste. My recommendation would be to use the Nascent Iodine in high dosages to both saturate the thyroid (which makes it less vulnerable to chemical and radioactive attack) while it will also knock out any contaminants already absorbed. Nascent iodine contains approximately 400 mcg per drop so 10 drops is 4 mg and 100 drops is only 40 so it’s safe to take much higher dosages than is suggested on the bottle. In fact one has to completely ignore the suggested dosages on the bottle and take some of the information below as ones guidance for dealing with threatening radiation dropping down out of the clouds that are moving along with the jet stream.

One hundred drops a day is a strong dose, but when treating life threatening diseases it would not be unheard of to use upward of 200 drops a day in divided doses, but if you get your iodine on the day the news is sounding the radiation alarm I would jump right to 100 drops or 50 drops in divided dosages for children. It is my belief that the Nascent atomic form is much more efficient than the molecular form meaning you would need less but when confronted with a cloud of radiation one wants to work beyond the speculative. Again the government is recommending a onetime dosage, which makes sense if there is no time to address iodine deficiencies.

He goes on to say that under normal conditions one wouldn’t start with such high doses.  He covers the side effects and ,also, other forms of iodine we can take.

Unfortunately, radioactive iodine isn’t the only issue. In addition, we’re exposed to cesium-137, strontium-90, uranium and plutonium, plus other nucleotides. Check out Dr. Sircus’ full protocol using Iodine, Glutothione, Natural Chelation, Clay and Baking soda here.


  • This is THE best presentation on, not only Fukushima, but on our exposure to nuclear isotopes since 1945. Its two hours long and worth every minute. Geoscientist, Leuren Moret, who worked for nuclear research labs and has been tutored by Dr. Marion Fulk, a former Manhattan
  • Project scientist,  tells us that she and her scientific friends around the world are "terrified" at the situation in Japan. See it here.
  • EU and EPA up safety level of cesium-137 in food
  • Beyond Nuclear, useful updates & info
  • Regular video updates by nuclear expert, Gunderson here
  • University of Maryland Computer Model using NOAA data tracking plume here   Note; lately it hasn’t been keeping up to date, check in on it though.
  • Europe, Radioactive Monitoring (shows global) here


I’ll be back with part 2 soon…please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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  1. LeeAnn Tapscott

    Is any food and water products remotely safe anymore? Are there trustworthy resources that can keep us informed for future reference?

    • LeeAnn, your question gets to the heart of what I’m looking for, too…the sources for safer food and water. Some foods concentrate radioactivity, such as dairy products do with strontium 90. We can learn to do without dairy and substitute with less radioactive alternatives (such as rice milk, cashew cream,etc.). The most effective way to clean these contaminants out of water is to filter it through earth…I’ll write about how to do that, but in the meantime, spring water is doing that kind of filtering naturally. We can purchase food items from areas that aren’t receiving the higher levels. For example, I’m planning on making an herbal purchase. Normally I’d buy it from suppliers in the west, now I’m looking to upper New York after watching where the plumes are showing up. As I continue this series I’ll be posting which are the safer foods, suppliers, and a lot more on ways to remove or mitigate the damage of these contaminants. And, please share whatever useful info you find…we all need to put our heads together and find ways to protect our loved ones. Ideally, ways we can implement without becoming fanatical dystopians obsessed with avoiding the “invisible enemy”. I watched a great documentary about Chernobyl, 500,000 men worked on quelling that monster’s belching, they were exposed to very high levels of radiation. Much was learned, one useful tidbit, those who ate the healthiest foods did better, so we can begin there, stick with ‘real” fresh, food. I’ll have more up in a couple of days.

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